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Restaurant in AndrosRestaurant in Andros means that the dishes and flavors that you can taste prepared with local, fresh and quality ingredients. With great care and with the mentality to cook, how that we did our home. In the way we would do it for our children. What guides us is the belief in quality and evolution that we apply to our work, our food, your service and our restaurant. Our persistence in the care of the people who will trust us in their gastronomic experience on our island.

A contribution in the Gastronomy of Andros

At Litomorou we always try for the best. We continually experiment with improving dishes and flavor. We want to overcome ourselves constantly. We are not perfect. We just believe that our restaurant in Andros have contributed to the promotion of Andros as a culinary destination. Thank you for your confidence in us.

Στη Λιθοδομή θα ταξιδέψεις στην γεύση…

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